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Setting up a Branch Office

Setting up a Branch Office

If you are looking at setting up a branch office in Thailand for your company then speak to our barrister in Thailand first. There are certain limitations and rules which need to be followed. This is a mere brief. If you do not want to register a Thai limited company and only need an office to conduct business from in the region then you need to look at opening a branch office in Thailand. The branch office in Thailand however carries the liabilities to its head office wherever that might be. In other words any liability created by the branch office in Thailand will still keep the head office liable for any of its liabilities.

Opening a branch means that you first have to apply to the Ministry of Commerce to apply for a Foreign Business License. The Ministry of Commerce can however also ask to see the following before the license is granted:

1. Certificate of Incorporation;

2. Memorandum and Articles of Association of the head office and

4. a power of attorney appointing a branch manager

If you need further legal advice as to the opening of a branch office in Thailand then speak to our English barrister in Thailand with regards to any other questions you might have regarding the legalities of business in Thailand. With offices in all the major tourist cities of Thailand we are best able to assist you.

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